Thursday, June 24, 2010

School's out for the summer... and a Mini-update

Today was the last day of school for NHPS students.  I wish everyone a fun and safe summer!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much.  I have still been pretty busy representing the neighborhood though: Office hours are still going, emailing and chatting with neighbors, resolving complaints, coordinating with City Departments, attending meetings, etc....

Please keep in touch and call or email with anything you think I could help you with.

The meeting schedule slows down a bit during the summer, but there is a City Services/Environmental Policy Committee (CSEP) meeting tonight (June 24).  The agenda includes: a coffee shop's request for a new sign above the sidewalk, new residential parking zone near Lighthouse Park, the City joining Yale and the Parking Authority to enter in to a contract with Zip Car, and the Cultural Affairs Dept. requesting the approval of new guidelines for the acceptance and care of public art.  I am vice-chair of this committee.

The Legislation Committee (I'm a member) will meet in July (7/12) for business including another hearing on whether to "close the loop hole" that currently allows for beer & wine consumption at Lighthouse Park, where otherwise open containers of alcoholic beverages are illegal in any other public space and parks throughout the City.

Next regular BOA meeting is July 6th.

I'll soon blog and email with more details and info regarding:

"new" Recycling coming soon in July
Skim patching
Street Sweeping changes
Spring Mowing issues in the parks
Budget wrap-up, new mil rate
Reassessment starting in the fall (yep it's been 5 yrs already)
Traffic signals
Storm Drains
Tree Planting