Monday, March 7, 2011

Mayor's Proposed FY 11-12 Budget - UPDATED 6/12/11

Update: BOA passed an amended budget with no net $ change and thus NO tax increase for FY 11-12.  Please link to this blogpage for the Amendment Summary.

The Mayor has presented his Proposed FY 11-12 Budget to the Board of Aldermen.  The BOA's Finance Committee will hold several public hearings as we review this proposal ahead of adopting this or an amended version by the end of May.  This year I am a member of the BOA Finance Committee.

Budget Calendar from pg 2-26

Download the pdf version: Mayor's Proposed FY 11-12 Budget

Download the pdf version of the Board of Education's budget:
FY2011-12 BOE Site Based Budget

This year's BOE budget is much more transparent.   The BOA will vote the total appropriation but has no line item say in the BOE's budget per City Charter.