Thursday, October 15, 2009

Community Management Team (CMT)

I was able to attend most of this month's Community Management Team meeting yesterday evening. The CMT meeting for our Police District 10 is held at the Valley St. police substation monthly. Please check the CMT's website for more info. This is truly a valuable resource and I recommend you attend a meeting or at least communicate with the CMT board members.
Minutes from these meetings will soon appear on the website.

This month's agenda featured a presentation by the "master recyclers" who are city residents working to help the city with information and pr for the city's new trash and recycling program that's coming soon!

Also, the director of the City's Elderly Services department, Patricia Wallace, came to ask what do residents 55+ need from the city? She reported that she is hearing a lot of requests for help making city streets more pedestrian friendly.

Also as always, Lt. Martin (Marty) Tchakirides, Westville-West Hills District Manager, gave his crime report and hot-spots. He reminds everyone to lock cars and garages! Please don't leave anything that looks valuable even in a locked car. He wants to hear from folks. (find his and other useful email links here) Please call stuff in!! He can only respond to things that are reported either to him, 911 or non-emergency: 946-6316.