Tuesday, December 8, 2009

for the new Alders...

Thought I'd let everyone know that the City is introducing us new Alders to City Department heads, and Alderwoman Ina Silverman is hosting "boot camp" to get us up to speed on BOA procedures.

Dec. 1st, I attended a meeting to meet folks and hear from several City Departments. NHPD Chief Lewis was there with Asst. Chief Brown. Chief Lewis presented the recently released crime data report (NHI story here) showing improvement from 2008. Mike Piscitelli, Director of Transportation, Traffic & Parking and John Prokop, Director of Public Works, both summarized their roles. Pat Wallace, the new Director for Elderly Services gave an update on what she's hearing from the 55+ community. Che Dawson introduced us to the City's Youth Department. Rafael Ramos, Dep. Dir. Housing Code Enforcement, explained his duties and the services that the Livable City Initiative Bureau (LCI) provides, including the second phase of the relatively new Rental Property Licensing & Inspection Program. NHFD Chief Grant gave an overview of the FD's organization and expressed his excitement on moving forward with much needed Lieutenant & Captain promotions.

Last night, Alderwoman Ina Silverman, BOA President Carl Goldfield, and Al Lucas, Dir. of Legislative Services, taught part-one of "New Alderman 'Boot camp'." We were all provided with lots of helpful information, as we all get set to help our neighborhoods and our City as soon as we're all sworn in to office at noon, January 1st at a ceremony at Coop High School.