Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friends of Edgewood Park just re-planted 40 Fruit Trees!

UPDATE: FOEP planted trees last weekend (9/24) after winning an orchard in round 3 of the voting.
THANKS TO ALL who voted and the many who helped plant.  Now we need volunteers to water and care for them!  Please contact Friends of Edgewood Park.

Please help the Friends of Edgewood Park reintroduce fruit trees in Edgewood Park, as part of this year's celebration of the centennial of the park redesign by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. FOEP have applied for a Fruit Tree Orchard Grant, from the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, that will provide them with the fruit trees, resources, and expert assistance needed to reintroduce about 45 fruit bearing trees (plus assorted fruit bearing shrubs) in the park. Their application made it to the 100 finalists (out of about 425 contenders worldwide) and now it moves to the online public voting phase that will determine the top 20 vote gatherers who will receive fruit tree orchards to benefit their communities.
Please VOTE on-line via  Please vote everyday 'til the end of JUNE!