Friday, March 9, 2012

Duck Pond Update 3/9/12

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CT Fund for the Environment's John Champion shares the following update:

The mild weather has enabled Schumack, the contractor at the Duck Pond, to make significant progress in the last month. On the west side of the river, near the soccer fields, the area that required re-grading in order to protect the fields from  elevated flows has had most of the work completed. What needs to be finished is the fine grading and raking and the seeding of the area. This work will be completed when the temperature gets to about 60 degrees and does not get too cold in the evening.

At the Duck Pond, the path leading from the bridge at the base of the Chapel St bridge has been shaped and brought to the rough grade to accept new asphalt, replacing the old that was removed. The forms for the concrete that will support the elevated boardwalk have been set. I expect concrete to be poured within a day or so. The edge of the pond has been reshaped and hardened (rocks and gravel installed) so that access to the Pond will be maintained when the SRTs are installed and functional and additional water is added to the system. An area that will serve as an open classroom and canoe launching site has been shaped and hardened. The outlines of the finished product are taking shape.

The phragmites along the river near the service road and the phragmites close to the Chapel and Boulevard area of the Pond have been cut down by DEEP. Phragmites is an invasive species and has invaded many areas along the river. Since it has a very strong root system, many treatments over a period of years will be required to permanently change the vegetation to a more native system.  Evidence of how the river eco system can be improved can be viewed at the river bank near the Barnard School bridge. The DEEP has been controlling the phragmites there for several years and the results open a vista that also provides access to the river.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact either John Champion or Gwen Macdonald at Connecticut Fund for the Environment, 203.787.0646. Thank you for your continued support and patience.