Wednesday, February 24, 2010

City Services & Environmental Policy Committee report - 2/18/10

I am the vice-chair of the BOA's City Services & Environmental Policy committee (CSEP).  This committee's first meeting of 2010 was chaired by Alderman Justin Elicker (Ward 10).   We met last week (2/18/10) to hear public testimony and to consider action on six items.  One item was not considered that evening because no one came to testify.  We also did hear favorable testimony on a residential parking zone item before the committee, but it was given "leave to withdraw" as the area is already designated a residential parking zone (zone 7).  The other items included signs and awning requests that will "encroach [hang over] on the public right-of-way" for which by Charter the BOA controls.  The comittee heard only favorable testimony and after further questioning and discussion, two businesses, Koji Restaurant and Labyrinth Books, were given favorable recommendation for their requests.  The BOA will vote on these at the next regular meeting, March 1st.

The other two items were requests from the community.  Residents from the City Point neighborhood were requesting signs be placed at two entry points to the City Point neighborhood stating "Welcome to City Point Historic District."  Design has been approved by City Plan and costs and insurance will be covered by the donor for this project, the family of the late, long-time City Point resident, Judge & Mrs. Arthur Healey.  The committee moved this item favorably with the inclusion of the City Plan Commision's conditions including requiring a Certificate of Appropriateness from the City Point Historic District Commission, proof of insurance, and the City's right to revoke this privilege if the signs become hazardous, not maintained, or insurance lapses.

Two members from the Amistad Committee testified in favor of a proposal by them, State of CT Freedom Trail, the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, and supported by several Alders.  This proposal is for an Order to designate a section of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail for William Lanson.  Lanson is one of New Haven's most significant African American figures and designed the New Haven section of the Farmington Canal which was built between 1810 - 1812.  The committee also favorably moved this item for the full Board's consideration in the coming weeks.

Again, this is but a brief synopsis.  If anyone would like to hear more, I'd be glad to chat and share all of the materials I have on these items.