Monday, May 3, 2010

BOA Meeting Report - 5/3/10

The May 3rd, 2010 meeting opened with Divine Guidance from Alderwoman Castro (16-D).  She addressed the recent May Day rally for Immigration Reform and denounced the new AZ law trying to address immigration issues facing that state.

A very short meeting, only attended by a couple reporters and seemingly no one from the public, only had a few items on the agenda.

Unanimously approved were Tax Refunds (usually filer's errors), the acceptance of Federal grant money ($20K) for the NHPD to use for OT and equipment for speedy forensic processing of seized firearms, and the acceptance of CT Econ Dev grant money ($2.8 million) to support the River Street Municipal Development Project.

Also, quickly approved unanimously were Tax Abatements (deferral of collection) favorably recommended and vetted by the Tax Abatement committee for four city residents.

The meeting then ended after a short discussion and amendment to a resolution supporting the 47th Freddie Fixer Clean up.  The original resolution was to support both the clean-up and the parade.  But, due to recent gun violence in the neighborhoods along the parade route, and a lack of dialogue between parade organizers and local Alders, colleagues decided it was best not to overtly endorse the parade this year.