Wednesday, May 12, 2010

speeding enforcement

  Here's the answer to my recent question of the new Police Chief at a recent BOA Public Safety Committee mtg:

NHPD currently has 8 lazer guns which are used for speed enforcement. The traffic unit is equipped with them(Note-Traffic Unit is Motorcycles.) The units are also available to Patrol Officers who wish to sign them out per shift. We do have several fixed radar units which are not being used do to certification lapses/costs.
    As to the b-squad traffic unit the Officers are in training beginning May 17th and Graduation being June4th. Upon graduation Officer will be assigned to b-Squad and assigned Motorcycles for more traffic enforcement.e have 6 new bikes ready for the squad in June. Money came from federal grants.Officers  will also be assigned a B-Squad Sgt.
    Stats show that M/V enforcement was up by over 10 thousand last year. Proactive enforcement goals along with proper used of DUI Grants / and enhanced enforcement zones to stop motorcycle noise, racing , speeding and or any moto vehicle problem. The New Motor vehicle hotline number is 203-946-6306 to report any MV problem in the city.