Saturday, January 2, 2010

First BOA meeting of 2010 - agenda

Monday, Jan. 4th, 2010 @ 7:00pm - City Hall

First thing to do is to elect the leadership positions: Board President, President Pro Tempore, Majority Leader & Deputy Majority Leader.

Agenda also includes in part:
(here's were agenda & minutes can be found. Note: public/final version lags draft versions Alders are provided -- contact me if they're not available here, and you'd like to know what's upcoming at the next meeting):

1) Mayor's required submission of budgetary & financial reports for 11/09 as required by Section 62 of the City's Charter.
2) Mayor's reappointment of Anika Lamar to the Solid Waste Authority Board
3) Purchasing Agent requesting an emergency procurement ($19,900) to replace the boiler at the Micro Society Magnet School
4) Cultural Affairs Director requesting the authorization to accept a $8450 grant from CT Commission on Culture & Tourism
5) Whalley Ave. Special Services District (WSSD) requesting approval to change their by-laws thus changing the formula for their additional property tax levy.
6) Requests from LCI to approve several properties for disposition including sliver-lot sales & sales to Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven.

Here's my "report back" from this first meeting of 2010.