Thursday, January 28, 2010

Legislation Committee has been named

 The first Board of Alderman  Committee assignments were made yesterday by BOA President Carl Goldfield (Ward 29).  I have been named to this important committee and look forward to being helpful.

The Legislation Committee is : Ald. Roland Lemar, Chair, Ald. Michael Jones,Vice Chair, Ald. Jorge Perez, Ald. Charles A. Blango, Ald. Gerald Antunes, Ald. Stephanie Bauer, Ald. Gregory Dildine.

The first Legislation Committee meeting is tonight, Jan. 28th @ 6:00pm at City Hall.  The main agenda is hearing from the Yale office of New Haven and State Affairs, Zoning Ordinance amendment and PDD application for proposed new Yale School of Management (SOM) campus at 155-181 Whitney Ave.

The other Committees (list found here below list of Aldermen) will be appointed within the next few days.