Monday, March 1, 2010

BOA Meeting 3/1/10 - agenda

BOA regular meeting TONIGHT, Monday, March 1st, 7pm @ City Hall.

Agenda includes the Second Readings for the two significant Zoning changes now before the full board for continued discussion and they will most likely (I say most likely because just because items are eligible to be voted on, there are several options which could always delay a vote) be put to a vote.  These are Yale's petition for a Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment designating a Planned Development District for the proposed new Yale School of Management Campus at 155-181 Whitney Ave., and Zoning ordinance text amendments to establish a Neighborhood Center mixed use zoning district (BA-1) and map amendments to change the zoning along Grand Ave. from James St. to Perkins St. from General Business (BA) to the new BA-1 zone.

The Legislation Committee has unanimously recommended these items "favorably with amendments," and you can read more about the Yale PPD here and the Grand Ave. re-zoning here in previous blogs.

Three other items will be also most likely be voted on tonight including these under Unanimous Consent (a "fast-tracking" option):  A sign and awning approval for two businesses where the BOA has the control over stuff that will "encroach [hang over] on the public right-of-way" (read this previous blog entry), tax refunds due per the City Tax Collector, and Alderwoman Bauer's (Ward 14) resolution to support the acceptance of Federal funds and the implementation of the "Safe Routes to School Program" in the vicinity of Fair Haven School.

New business will be Communicated including the renewal of the agreement with the current management company to run the City's Alling Memorial Golf course.  Communicated items will usually be assigned to committee by BOA President Carl Goldfield (Ward 29).

Several First Readings will be given to items coming from committees to the Board as they continue through the process.  These include Mayoral appointments to various commissions which have been evaluated by the Aldermanic Affairs committee, "Welcome to Historic City Point" sign approval, and Farmington Canal section to be named after William Lanson, both evaluated by the City Services and Environmental Policy committee (I'm a member and here's more info in a previous blog entry).

As usual this is just a summary and not the full agenda.  Everyone is always welcome to attend BOA meetings, the agendas and minutes/journals are supposed to be here on the City's website, and please call or email me if you'd like more info and/or details.